Dating Etiquette: How to End a Date Properly

How a date ends is just as important as how it starts and plays out. In most cases, the last few moments of a date are the ones that leave a lasting impression on your partner–the kind that could make them want a second date, or give them the opposite effect. Whether or not the date went well, everything must end on a good note.

If the date ends up going awry, you can make it easier on both of you by ending the evening. Say that you have an urgent meeting or appointment you have to rush to immediately. Your date may or may not believe you, but chances are he or she will understand what you’re trying to say. If you’d rather be more honest, you can gently point out you don’t think this will go anywhere and that it’s better if you stay friends.

The important part is never to lead your date to believe that there is more than there is. It’s better to end the dating period entirely than to keep him or her hanging on for weeks by maintaining the illusion that this might lead somewhere.

If you seem to be having a good time, but you can tell that your date is not as into you, try to keep things relaxed and friendly. Chances are, you will want to see him or her again, ; casually ask what his or her plans are for the next weekend. Whatever the response is, end the evening with a friendly peck on the cheek and an open-ended note. This way, your date will have time to reconsider.

If sparks are flying everywhere and the air is electric with your chemistry, it practically guarantees a second date. But here are a few things you can do to ensure that.

First, try to prolong the evening by offering to bring your date home, or by helping him, or her get a cab–but do not make him or her feel pressured to say yes. If your date says yes, take this opportunity to say that you like him or her. No, this isn’t the same as making a declaration of everlasting love. Think of it more as an expression of appreciation for the person your date is.

If you enjoyed his or her company, be forward and say that you’d like to get to know him/her more or spend more time together. This is usually a good point to arrange a second date. You don’t have to book your calendar but you can end the evening by asking about your date’s plans for next weekend.

Try to keep yourself from expecting a romance to happen overnight. Dating is a long process that could take weeks or months before love truly blossoms. All you can do after the first date is hope that there will be more to come.