10 Ways To Stay Positive No Matter What

Life has its ups and downs, and 2020 has been a perfect example of it. A lot of us experienced stress and anxiety, leading to more negativity. I probably will not be able to solve your problems, but by writing this post, I am hoping to give you some tips and coping strategies about how to stay positive in every situation. Whatever you are going through, it’s easy to say mean things to yourself and bring yourself down. I’ll show you how to get the negativity out of the way, and give more attention to the positive things. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Look for the bright side

This is probably the most obvious advice, however, it might be the most difficult to put into practice for me. I’ll be honest, small things can have an impact on my mood really quickly: I get easily upset and can be overwhelmed by certain tasks. But I made a lot of effort lately to be optimistic and see the positive side of a situation! I am sure that you’ve already heard of “the glass half full” saying. A pessimistic person will see the glass half empty when an optimistic one will see it half full. Being positive means you should be seeing the best in every situation!

2. Let go of what you can’t control

In life, you can’t always control what is happening to you, but what you can control is the way you respond to it. The best example is probably this year with lockdowns happening all around in the world. Lots of people lost their jobs and had to stay home. This is something that none of us could control. However, the most important thing was the way we responded to it. Personally, after some days filled with negativity, I shifted my mood to keep only the good side of it. I had lost some of my income, but the positive side was more free time to do activities I love, being able to slow down and spend a lot more time with my partner.

3. Use positive affirmations

I guess you know what positive affirmations are: sentences used to challenge negative thoughts. All you have to do is repeat them to yourself. Easy, right? By saying an affirmation, you manifest it into your brain until you actually believe it. If you need some positivity in your life, simply repeat some affirmations daily, and hopefully, they will become your reality over time!

Frankly, affirmations are quite new to me. I started doing it a few weeks ago, repeating three sentences in my bed before I fall asleep. I don’t have any concrete results yet, but I am convinced by their power and their major positive impact on your mindset. If you are willing to try, pick some great affirmations for positive thinking here!

4. Feelings are temporary

On days where your mood is down, remember that feelings are temporary. It is perfectly fine to feel the way you do, and of course, nobody can’t be happy all the time. As I said, life is made of ups and downs. Remember it next time something or someone is upsetting you. Maybe try to refocus and take a deep breath. Don’t lose perspective and if you need to, ask yourself a simple question: will this matter in 5 months? 5 years? If the answer is no, simply take a step back. And remember that whatever you’re going through, there are better days ahead!

5. Be grateful

Gratitude is a key factor in your happiness and will help you go through tough times. To stay positive, focus on the good things in your life and remember that a lot of people in the world are not lucky enough to have them (a job, a roof over their head, some food on the table). Every day, try to write three things that you are grateful for. It could be anything from the smile of a stranger on your way to work, to the love of your family. You will quickly realize that you have a lot of things around you to be thankful for!

6. Create a positive environment

Whether it is in terms of people surrounding you or the source of information you’re consuming, they will have an impact on the way you look at life. You’ll need to get influences that are lifting you up instead of dragging you down. For example, if you feel like some of your friends are not supportive enough, maybe take a step back with these relationships. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you.

Also, scrolling down on your phone for hours might make you feel like your life is not perfect or like you’re not good enough. If social media ends up bringing more negativity than positivity in your life, it might be time for a detox. Read more about it here.

7. Let go of what you can’t change

Sometimes, we give too much importance to certain areas or people in our life. If some things or relationships are becoming toxic, just let go of it. I know that it can be hard to say goodbye but there is a point when some things can’t be changed, so all you have to do is protect yourself. If you feel like you are receiving too much negativity from a friend, a partner, or even your professional environment, and you can’t do anything about it, think about letting it go.

8. Focus on what’s important

Following the last point of letting go of what you can’t change, focus on what is important for you: your well-being, meaningful relationships, and all the things that you care about. Whenever you’re going through a rough patch, remember to take care of yourself. Focus on you and take time for the things you love. Also, think about what matters the most to you and what you cherish the most. Try to prioritize joyful things and make sure to include them in your schedule.

9. Do what makes you feel better

I personally think that positivity and happiness are linked to self-care. Every day, take even a small amount of time to do something you love. It could be a creative activity, it could be doing a gym glass, journaling, reading… Any passion you may have, take some time to practice it; if not every day, at least regularly! Also, you should add some self-care activities to your routine. In one word: love yourself.

10. Remember everything you’ve accomplished

Ok, so whenever you will feel down and feel like you are not enough, try to remember everything you’ve accomplished. I am sure that you have a lot of things to be proud of. Why not make a list of it? You should also celebrate the small wins! Last but not least, remind of yourself what you have versus what you want or think you need. Once again, gratitude is a great path to positivity!

Staying positive in every situation demands efforts and the right mindset, however, these tips will help you get the negativity out of the way.