Best Sunday Habits To Prepare For The Week Ahead

As a kid, I remember hating Sunday night: it was the end of the weekend, which means I had to go back to school the following day. Well, I can’t say Monday is my favourite day (it will probably never be) but at least, I’ve learned to appreciate Sunday nights. That’s the time when my house is clean and tidy, my fridge is full and I am in my pyjama at 7pm having a glass of wine and watching the Bachelor (please don’t judge me). Who can relate? However, before that, I spent a good part of my day organizing and planning the week ahead, so I can start it stress-free. I think a well-spent Sunday is going to bring the best productive week ahead. So, do you want to know what you need to do on Sundays to prepare for the week ahead? Keep reading!

Plan your meals

What I love to do is a meal plan for the week ahead. After that, I will usually go to the market and supermarket to buy everything I need. There are two advantages for me: I avoid coming home at night not knowing what to eat (which would end up most of the time with a takeaway meal or doing something in a rush that I won’t enjoy – and that might not be healthy). And in terms of budget, this allows me to manage my pantry better and avoid buying things that are not necessary. My food is rather simple and easy to make, so I don’t spend much time in the kitchen (and my partner is a chef, so that helps).

I am not a fan of meal prep, but I know this is quite popular, and batch cooking will save you some time in the evening for sure. The only food I would prep on Sunday is a few portions of lentils or other legumes that I eat regularly during the week, as I am a vegetarian. I would also make a big soup and freeze two or three portions (yes, soup is one of my favourite food, and not only in winter). This way, I know that I always have something ready to eat.

Clean and declutter your space

Decluttering has been a favourite of mine during lockdown! One thing for sure: the number of things that we don’t need or use anymore and that we keep “just in case” is amazing. I freed a lot of space and from now on I’ll keep up with decluttering by doing it regularly. For example, why not check and declutter this draw or your bathroom cabinet every week? Just choose a specific spot in your house: it doesn’t have to take hours. Think about your handbag as well. I tend to end up with five lip balms in it that (clearly) are not useful. A small task done regularly is much easier than a giant decluttering session (talking from experience).

Another great way to prepare for the week is, of course, to clean. I usually take around one hour to clean my house. I mean removing dust, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and changing my bedsheets. Guess what? Changing my bed sheet is actually the thing I HATE big time. So to be sure I won’t get lazy and leave them for another week, I would take them out on Sunday morning, and have no choice but to put fresh one at night. A nice environment can make a big difference: you will be more productive living in a clean and tidy place. Plus, I love cleaning while listening to a podcast or some music; it makes it looks like a fun time, almost.

Make a schedule

Another way to prepare for the week ahead is to plan it. I love making all sorts of to-do lists! On Sunday, you should take some time to plan your schedule during the week: review any appointment, any meeting with friends, write down your next fitness class, or just basic things you’ve got to do at home. Also, include your bigger projects and break them into smaller tasks. For example, one of my goals is to write one blog post per week. I would likely divide it into three parts. One for keywords research and writing the blog post “roughly”, one for finishing it and proofreading as well as finding photos, and one to create pins about this blog post.

Of course, you don’t need to plan every minute of your upcoming week, and I am sure you won’t be able to! Keep in mind that you will need to be able to adapt if any change comes (like your friend taking you out for happy hour). However, getting a clear idea of what you need to achieve is the best way to stay on track and be productive.

Check your finance

I have a budget spreadsheet that I update every Sunday, where I write down all my expenses for the week according to categories. I divide it into three. The first category is for my fixed expenses, like my rent and all my subscription (Netflix, gym membership, insurance, or bills coming up that month). The second is for groceries. The last one is for all the extras (like dining out, random shopping like clothes or house things, and unexpected expenses like vet bills for example).

Include everything you spend money for as what is relevant for me might not be relevant for you. If you put down all of your expenses, you will also realize that some things can become pricey at the end of the month and therefore you could cut it down (like that four dollars coffee that I used to pick up daily on my way to work). I do mine using Excel but I know that there is a lot of printable available online, if you want something fancier. It is a great way to ensure your spending is still on track for the week.

Take care of yourself

Once you’re prepared for the week ahead, let’s not forget about self-care. After you’re done with all these tasks, you deserve some relaxation! So take the time to do a face mask, read a new book, or have a nap. If you are interested, this post will give you some ideas! Bear in mind that Sunday is the end of the week, I am sure you’ve been busy so don’t forget do things you love. Recharge your batteries to be ready for a new exciting week ahead!

Sleep early

I hate nothing much than to wake up already tired on Monday morning. That’s why on Sunday I like to go to bed early and ensure I have AT LEAST my 8 hours of sleep (and more if possible). The best way to prepare for a great and productive week is to get enough rest. So put down your phone, if you have trouble sleeping just make yourself a camomile and read a book – you’ll sleep like a baby!

Having a productive yet relaxing Sunday is the best way to prepare for the week ahead. I hope you’ll find these tips useful and that they’ll allow you to organize your week efficiently.