Why I Operate From a Place of Abundance and You Should Too

To be completely honest, there was a point in my life when other people’s success upset me. I would look at my friends’ posts on Facebook about landing the perfect job and immediately feel envious. I would see a relative’s relationship going well and immediately feel resentment. These feelings came from my own insecurities about not being where I should be in life. I thought I should have everything figured out from day one and be on a constant slope of progression. Any deviation from that image made me feel bad about myself and dislike the success of others.

It was not until I began operating from a place of abundance that I learned not to be jealous of other people’s success. An abundance mentality has helped me be genuinely happy for other people and content with myself.

What is an Abundance Mentality?

When you have an abundance mentality, you agree with the “law of abundance”. The law of abundance states that the world has an endless supply of opportunity for everyone. The law of abundance also states that one’s ability to receive opportunity is based on one’s belief in abundance.

In other words, having an abundance mentality means that you understand that there is enough opportunity to go around for everybody. One person’s success does not mean that another person cannot be as successful.

Since adopting an abundance mentality, I have seen more opportunities open for myself. Now when I see someone in a happy situation, it only motivates me more to make the same happen for myself.

What is a Scarcity Mentality?

The opposite of an abundance mentality is a scarcity mentality. When one has a scarcity mentality, one believes that there is not enough opportunity for everyone – that there is a limited supply of success in the world and only a few can obtain it. This is a negative mindset to have because it will make you unhealthily and unnecessarily competitive. It will put you on a hamster wheel of competition with others. You will constantly be trying to make more money, have more friends, or be thinner than the next person; and this will lead to a road of envy and unhappiness.

When you view opportunity as scarce, you are less likely to share your wisdom of success with others. If you land your dream job, you may feel protective over your network and not want to help out other people trying to enter your field. I can continue listing scenarios in which having a scarcity mindset leads to negativity, but you get the point. If we all operate from a place of scarcity, we would be like crabs in a bucket – everyone fighting to get ahead but ultimately keeping each other down.

How to Adopt an Abundance Mentality

If you want to learn to be truly happy for other people and create more opportunities for yourself, you have to adopt an abundance mentality. The first step is simply developing an affirmation. Each day, say to yourself “I operate from a place of abundance.” Repeat this affirmation every day and you will experience a shift in your mindset.

Another strategy is to turn lack into opportunity. Take, for example, the lack of money. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you do not have a lot of money, think about all the opportunity there is to make more money. Instead of declaring that you cannot afford something, ask yourself what it would take for you to be able to afford it.

Appreciating what you already have is a way to practice having an abundance mindset as well. Appreciate every small (or large) thing in your life – from safe housing to Internet to a significant other. Realize that your life is already filled with abundance simply by the things you have accumulated over the years. It can only get more abundant from here.

Sharing is an important part of operating from a place of abundance. Since there are plentiful resources in the world, we do not need to be stingy with ours. If you find a hack that works for you and helps you be more organized, share the tip with your friends and family so that can become more organized as well. If you have never donated time or money to a charity, now is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Final Thoughts

Operating from a place of abundance can apply to all aspects of life. It has helped me realize that there are unlimited opportunities in this world for me. It has also helped me not be envious of other people’s success – to be happy for them and take it as motivation instead.

Do you operate from a place of abundance? How has it changed your outlook on life?